Roberti Receives Governor’s Award for the Arts

2010 Governor’s Arts Award

statesealKelly Roberti will be presented the 2010 Governor’s Arts Award on January 22nd at a State Capital ceremony in Helena, MT for his lifetime involvement in playing, composing, teaching and his advocacy of jazz music and the arts.
Roberti helped introduce Montanans to another era of jazz beginning in 1982 when he took part in founding the Bozeman Blues and Jazz Society, a success that led to the creation of Jazz organizations in five other Montana cities and eventually to a touring network nationwide. He continued producing jazz performances over the next two decades, organizing more than 150 memorable tours and thousands of performances (16 years…250 shows a year) by some of the greatest figures in jazz. Kelly has moved on as a figurehead in the Montana music community, constantly producing and promoting the live performances of Montana musicians and other artists. He also hosted the “ Jazz & More with Kelly Roberti “, weekly series at the Bozeman Public Library for the past two summers featuring interviews and performances with area and internationally acclaimed musicians of all genres to spotlight their lives beyond music.

I can think of no single person I have known who knows more about jazz, he has lived the music and performed it with some of its greatest practitioners.
Jazz & Blues Society co-founder,
Ray Pratt.

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