Slumber CD and USB Available Now

Slumber is available in two very distinct forms.
Slumber CD is a beautifully packaged album, that comes in high fidelity at 1411 bit rate WAV format. It is how I intended, full of a richness and depth that never betrays the music.
I also offer this album in a new and unique reusable form, on an exclusive, Slumber commemorative USB flash drive. The offering here is very dynamic. You get the full album in WAV format and MP3 format, with bonus material including all the original album artwork, lyrics sheet, a personal note from me detailing the making of the album and a signed concert series Slumber Poster, all on a metal engraved, 1 Gigabyte USB flash drive that is completely reusable. I am so pleased with the craftsmanship of this item, it will be a great way to enjoy Slumber but also will serve the individual with choices when storing and transporting other folders or files.

Just choose your option below, shipping is included.

Slumber CD

United States Shipping – Cost: $17
International Shipping  – Cost: $19

Slumber USB Drive

United States Shipping – Cost: $22
International Shipping  – Cost: $25