All the sounds of the earth are like music.

— Oscar Hammerstein II

The Bozeman Public Library presents Jazz & More - Season 8.

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Season 8 begins June 22 @ 7 PM

Join us for the premiere night of Jazz & More Season 8, every Monday night, from June 22 through August 24.

Featuring live jazz and lively conversations with local, regional and national artists..

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Join Kelly in welcoming a variety of regional and national artists to the stage at PLONK! for your side serving of jazz at this landmark of Bozeman nightlife


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Don’t miss KELLY ROBERTI & FRIENDS every Wednesday evening ~ 8 PM at PLONK! in downtown Bozeman. Tremendous food, incredible wine list and unbeatable service can’t be topped. Each week features new faces & special guests to keep the music fresh.

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Monthly Archives: April 2010

I’m Really In The Mood…

.. to compose, many more originals coming soon. Piano all day today…so in the meantime give a touch of my previous compositions a revisit…enjoy.

doing clinic/workshops at a great intern…

doing clinic/workshops at a great international bass conference…incredible bassists everywhere. There was an after hour hang happening in the lounge of the hotel and it was going to be the LOWEST (pun intended) party of all time. I walk into the lounge after cleaning up from a solo performance and two improv and approach clinics. Two of the world’s most renown bassists are sitting at the bar and one of them looks at me and says”Kelly, cmon over” which I did. They both complimented me on the solo performance and then one of them said “hey, pull my finger”….hmmmm I retorted “you gotta be fucking kidding me”…he said “no cmon…pull the finger ….I sighed and pulled his damn finger…the other legendary bassist farted. We laughed so hard that it gave us the courage to drink tequila for the rest of the night. Man, that prank took some planning…squirming too.

rehearsing in the mid ’80’s in a basem…

rehearsing in the mid ’80’s in a basement club in a Sheraton Hotel with the guys to put together some new material and work out some hitches on stuff. In through the kitchen walks this guy who sits at the nearest table and listens intently. I was looking back from the stage and did a double take but couldn’t remember where I had seen that face. We kept our rehearsal up and then at completion I walked toward the gentleman at the table and smiled…said hello. It came to me…it was Eric Clapton. We had a conversation about some music and, not wanting to take up his time, I politely thanked him for his music and his time in listening and talking…

The Music Of Bill Evans

Performed by David Morgenroth and Kelly Roberti in Helena, Montana, 2008 at the Myrna Loy Center for the Performing Arts.

Catch the Latest Show..

Arnett’s in the house… This show from ’82 is real history. There’s a party goin’ on! Thanks to Dr. Ray Pratt for this recording.

Arnett burns the Baxter Ballroom down..

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