It is in learning music that many youthful hearts learn to love.

— Ricard

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Season 8 begins June 22 @ 7 PM

Join us for the premiere night of Jazz & More Season 8, every Monday night, from June 22 through August 24.

Featuring live jazz and lively conversations with local, regional and national artists..

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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Jazz & More: July 12th

A special week awaits for our first show in July, resuming after a small break for the holidays, with the introduction of Jake Fleming and
The Tao Collection.

Maybe one of the best known and loved philosophical writings, written by ancient Chinese sage Laozi or Lao Tzu (who may or may not have existed), it has been named ‘THE Book’. In fact, many have deemed it THE book including Eckhart Tolle who describes it as

…”one of the greatest books ever written”.

Whatever its mythical status, it has been and likely will continue to be an endless source of inspiration for poets, artists, writers, philosophers and as always, musicians.

As it was for Bozeman musician [tippy title=”Jake Fleming.” header=”off”]
Jake Fleming is a native of Rapid City, SD and a graduate of Montana State University – Bozeman, where he received his bachelor of Music Education and is presently Music Director at Manhatttan Public Schools in Manhattan, MT, in addition to running a private music studio.

He served three years as Minister of Music and Outreach at the Center for Campus Ministry, MSU-Bozeman, incorporating classical, jazz, rhythm and blues, country, and folk styles into worship, and continues to work as a clinician for church musicians across the country. Currently he is a part time Music Director at 2 churches in Bozeman, MT.

Jake received the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award in 1992, and the prestigious Academic Excellence Award in 1994. He made his classical saxophone debut as the winner of the 1994 MSU Concerto Competition performing with the MSU Chamber Orchestra. He has also shared the stage with his wife, Jeni Fleming and opened for Nicholas Payton. Fleming enjoys composing and arranging music and serves as a conductor for the Bozeman Municipal Band.

He currently performs as a guitarist in The Jeni Fleming Acoustic Trio and as a saxophonist, he works with various jazz, gospel and fusion ensembles, playing alto sax in the saxophone quartet – SaxSummit.

Years ago I gifted Jake the Stephen Mitchell translation of the TAO TE CHING. For those of you who have read this, you’ll know it isn’t the kind of book you devour on a beach with a mai tai in one hand, nor the kind you pass the time with in the lavatory. And yet, it is. The TAO TE CHING is wise, poetic, enigmatic and enlightening, and also vague, frustrating, weird, and confusing. What better material could you ask for when it comes to music?

And so, in December 2009 Jake began setting each of the 81 teachings to music with a goal of writing one song a day. After 18 straight days the pattern was broken and disappointment ensued in knowing that the goal of one per day would not be achieved. Then the Tao’s teachings kicked in

“Free from desire, you realize the mystery.
Caught in desire, you see only the manifestations.”

and Jake let go of the disappointment realizing the project was beyond him. Around the halfway point he became attached to the project, never wanting it to end. Again the Tao’s teachings settled the score,

When her work is done, she forgets it.

    That is why it lasts forever.

So it went over the months, guitar and pencil in hand, meditating on the ancient text while channeling the music to sing it by. Letting the music, for lack of a better term, write itself, is no small task when a musician offers their work to the world for evaluation. And yet, this was Jake’s task.

Having completed all 81 pieces of music, now comes the 2nd part of said task: sharing the body of work with the community. To do so Jake has enlisted the help of fellow musicians for 2 separate performances.

• Monday, July 12, Bozeman Public Library – 7:00 Jazz and More with Kelly Roberti
Jake will discuss his process and thoughts on the project as well as perform a few selections. This performance/discussion is free
and open to the public.

Jake and friends will perform 20 pieces from the Tao Collection. Reservations are available by contacting

Featured musicians:
Jake Fleming, guitar and vocals
Kelly Roberti, bass
Chris Cundy, piano
Jeni Fleming, vocals
Jacob Koelzer, vocals
Eden Atwood, vocals
Lang Termes, vocals
Krista Arledge, vocals

Jazz and More is sponsored by Montana Ale Works.

Jazz & More: June 28th

This week get acquainted with rock/Americana guitarist and Bozeman icon Tom Garnsey, who is also co-founder of Vootie Productions, the premiere concert and event management company of the Northern Rockies for the last 20 years, quite a phenomenal and historic effort. Tom has had a keen understanding of the pulse of the culture in the region for years and it will be quite an experience to hear about that sensitivity. Learn the truly extensive history and mission of Vootie and be charmed with performances by Tom’s highly regarded, eclectic, jam band, Hooligans. Tom will also do a duet or two with Kelly…that oughta be fun! The “Jazz & More” series is generously sponsored by Montana Ale Works (611 E. Main)…right across the street from the library!

A delightful evening is in store, as before the show gets rolling at 7 p.m. in the community room of Bozeman Library. Be there!

Jazz & More Begins

Bozeman Summer series, Jazz and More starts things off with style as Kelly welcomes diverse percussionist Mike Gillan.

Gillan, a Montana native is a lifelong drummer with styles ranging from jazz, latin and blues to soul, country, funk and traditional, working mainly with full sets, congas, timbales, mixed Latin hand instruments and the Irish Bodhran.

Currently he performs with numerous groups including Backburner, Poco Loco and
the Dave Walker Band.

Jazz & More is sponsored by Montana Ale Works at 611 E. Main in Bozeman!

Don’t be late, the show begins at 7 p.m. in the community room of Bozeman Public Library.

Attention Students: Skype Only For Now

Due to my demanding schedule, for the next several weeks I will be only be offering lessons via Skype video conferencing. Please feel free to email me with further questions and rescheduling or visit the Students Page to learn more about Skype. As my Summer schedule allows, I will resume with local private lessons at a later date. Have a great Summer and in the meantime, practice, practice, practice.

Jazz & More Is Back!

Clear your calendar for Mondays, the prominent library series
Jazz and More with Kelly Roberti
is revving up for the summer and kicking things off in June with special guest, multi-percussionist Mike Gillan.
Enjoy revealing interviews and exceptional once in a lifetime performances with a long list of veterans and emerging artists in Jazz starting June 21st and running deep until the 27th of September 2010.

It will be an exciting season of notable appearances, check the Gigs page or to stay current on featured artists. Incredible as it sounds, this is a free series of world class musicians appearing in your back yard.

Come out and support all the remarkable musicians and events scheduled this summer and open your hearts to the best of Bozeman and beyond.

Jazz & More is sponsored by Montana Ale Works at 611 E. Main in Bozeman.

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