Jazz & More: September 27th

Roles are reversed as Jazz and More host Kelly Roberti takes a seat on the other side and is interviewed by Eric Funk & Paula Beswick followed by an appropriate series ending performance with Alan Fauque and Eric Funk, 2 friends and long time colleagues who also appear on Kelly’s forthcoming album, Slumber.
Jazz and More is a summer tradition now, part of the monthly Exploring The Arts series which is made possible through the hard work of Paula Beswick and the Bozeman Public Library Foundation at the Bozeman Public Library. Jazz & More was born from Roberti’s dedicated activism for the arts and his desire to showcase musical and artistic styles in a more personalized way, from not only the rich diversity of the Bozeman community and the great state of Montana but also drawing in world renowned names over the years like David Murray, Jack Walrath, David Morgenroth and Joshua Breakstone.
Kelly Roberti himself is a renowned musician and composer, a native son of Montana, who despite touring and playing on five continents in his 46 years as a performer, has lived and worked from Bozeman much of his life. His Mother and Father were tremendous influences in his music development, both involved in teaching and playing music, allowing free range for thought and creativity, making him spellbound as a child with the magic of musical form, properly infusing him from the beginning in all genres ranging from Broadway and Tin Pan Alley to Ethnic, World and Jazz thus cultivating his “earthy and meticulous” style described as

“a powerful blend of musical passion layered with an
insightful grace and a spiritual edge”.

Kelly has a list of hundreds of tours with musical icons and legends such as Arnett Cobb, Eddie Harris, David Newman, Dave Grusin, Freddie Hubbard, Tommy Flanagan, Peter Gabriel, David Murray and many more. Kelly also has vast teaching experiences at many major educational institutes and continues to work as a clinician and private instructor as well.

What is the true meaning of music now for Kelly?

True music is an indefinable communication. It is physics, philosophy, history, mathematics and to me a big dose of romance. Of course it is always about the illusive heart, and can only be what you’ve lived or dreamed, the pulse of our nature. I want to give to it what I have been given. I want to contribute to the tradition, the true human condition and to the next generation.

As he so eloquently states in his closing remarks from the new album,
   “Special Warmth to all I love and have loved… you composed me.”… yes Kelly, the music, the memories, the miles, they have composed you profoundly indeed. And we are all enriched from it.

Help us close out Jazz and More for 2010 in style and join Kelly for a refreshing and notable end to our summer series.

Jazz & More has been graciously sponsored by Montana Ale Works.