A night off, no gig in Missoula, MT…Em and I were staying out of the center of town at an intersection in the freeway that, in the morning would transport us up to Kalispell, MT. Cheap motel but we only had 8 hours to be there. she noticed that there was a bar across the parking lot. I told her that it was a strip joint…she giggled and said…”whoa, I have never spent much time in a strip joint!”….I said “strap it on, lets go!”. When we 1st walked in there was a dancer that was functioning at about %06 percent…we sat and we were high before we got there….Em did a rare thing and ordered us a few shots of tequila. The next dancer was on and driven. Em asked me for a $1 bill and walked up to the stage to sit down. I joined her and proceeded to giggle and give away about $50 that evening before stumbling back to the motel. Emily said it was one of the funnest and humorous nights of her life.