At the Village Vanguard w/ David Murray….

At the Village Vanguard w/ David Murray…2nd night the kitchen (dressing room) was full of jazzers…Stanley Crouch w/ a cigar smelling up the place badly and David ignoring it…Hilton Ruiz making fun w/ a lady who came in to playfully heckle him…Pheeroan had a couple of folks back. I had been out in the house talking with Jack Walrath and wandered back while the house was filling for another show. Reggie Workman came in and introduced himself…(what a legend) he said “On that Desegregation tune I can’t believe that you could play that low F# without goofin’ with it…that was beautiful.” I almost choked. Thanks Reggie. I listen to that recording from that (my 1st time at the Vanguard) gig and I can hear it now…I think the Vanguard brought out a certain humility in that first performance week there. You can hear it here: in the 1st player…”The Desegregation of Our Children” composed by David Murray.