at this burger joint in Kansas City circ…

at this burger joint in Kansas City circa ’88 right off the Boulevard just up the street from the club…The Boulevard Beat was the name of the joint we were playing in that week. It was across the street from another club…The Tuba, which would become another spot to play in in the following years. I was sitting with Eddie Harris and Charlie Sloan (club owner and gentleman of the highest order). We had finished a gig and the rest of the band hadn’t arrived yet…this place is a legendary KC grease spot and I’m sorry…the name eludes me. Charlie asked he could show us some dollar origami while we waited for food…I said “cool”…Eddie said “ora-whati?” and smiled…Charlie started folding a dollar bill into various positions so that the graphics on the bill would depict something else…you know the schtick. He had so many folds to show us that he had to get out a couple of other bills…on and on!….Eddie was amused for a while…the food came and Eddie just looked up with that beautiful smile of his and said…”you white guys do some weird shit!”…he then put his eggs on his corned beef hash and proceeded to eat….

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  1. hi. Cynthia Hilts suggested I contact you. I am a jazz tenor saxophonist, heading to Bozeman in August to work with dancer Katherine Kramer.
    We are trying to round up participants for our music, dance, and collaborative music/dance workshop. Any help/suggestions would be most appreciated!
    Thank you very much!

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