David Murray and I were doing this long duet tour…sax/bass clarinet & bass and had developed a good direction and voice. We were able to open the doors and let the winds blow us into place, great music. We took this gig in Vancouver B.C. on a most unlikely double bill with Maceo Parker and Fred Wesley, who we both knew and had befriended before back down the road somewhere. David and I opened the night with some really deep explorations and long looks into what the two instruments could speak about. I remember a particular moment in the show where I felt the zone had created a place of grace to dwell in and be at peace. We finished our set and we were happy…Maceo and Fred looked at us with no attitude but love. They got on the stage with their 8 pieces and funked the night away. David and I sat in for truly fun and funky piece late in their set…great night. Wonderful how the kindred energy can bring the diversity of style into a common focus.