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Montana Wild Cats

    2013 Sweetgrass Music
    Philip Aaberg (piano) Jack Walrath (trumpet) Kelly Roberti (bass)
Montana Wild Cats
Montana Wild Cats
Country Slickers
Jack’s Arcade
Montana/Edgar Wildcats
Phillips County 3-step
Blue Coulee
Chief Joseph’s Lament
The Final Drum
Goodbye, Old Guy


Slumber – The Ballads of Kelly Roberti

    2010 KROB Music
    Alan Fauque (saxophones) Eric Funk (piano)
    Kelly Roberti (bass) Jeni Fleming (vocals)
The Cleansing in the Dance of the Sad
I Can Hear Hear Your Heart


Dancing To The Edge

    2008 Tappan/Roberti/Williams Records
    Ann Tappan (piano) Kelly Roberti (bass) MJ Williams (vocals)
    Brad Edwards (drums)
I Love You (Tappan)
Three Views of a Secret (Tappan)
For No One (Roberti)
Lover (Tappan)
Waters of March (Tappan/Williams)
Sometime Ago
Firefly (Tappan)


Drifting Along In Space

    2004 Blip Records
    MJ Williams (vocals,trombone) Kelly Roberti (bass) Ben White (guitar)
Drifting Along In Space (Williams)
Simple (B. White)
Just Walk Into The Sand (Roberti)
Again (Williams)
St. Martin (for Jim Hall) (White)
Gato Seis (Roberti)
Where Will You Go (White)
As We Prepare For The Merriment (Roberti)
You Can’t Stop Thinking (Williams)
Stephanie (White)
Ava (Roberti)


Embrace – Live At The Cikan’s

    Adam Platt (piano) Kelly Roberti (bass)
Companion (Roberti)
Light/Heavy (Platt)
Three Vignettes: (Roberti)
1. Lullaby
2. Faithful
3. Vittorio
Alston (Platt)
Apathy (Platt)
Here With You (Roberti)
Tango In Three (Platt)
Embers (Platt)
Culture (Platt)
The Cleansing In The Dance Of The Sad (Roberti)


Live At The Village Vangard: David Murray

    2003 441 Records
    David Murray (tenor saxophone) Hilton Ruiz (piano) Kelly Roberti (bass) Pheroan Aklaf (drums)
Red Car
Desegregation of Our Children
Acoustic Octo Funk
Hope Scope/Obe


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    ALSO with David Murray:

Live at Moers Festival: The Music of Albert Ayler 1995

    David Murray (tenor saxophone) Hugh Ragin (trumpet) Kelly Roberti (bass) Andrew Cyrille (drums)

Live at Europa ‘2000

    David Murray (tenor saxophone) Rasul Sidik (trumpet) Billy Bang (violin) Bobby Few (piano) Kelly Roberti (bass) Sunny Murray (drums)


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