doing clinic/workshops at a great international bass conference…incredible bassists everywhere. There was an after hour hang happening in the lounge of the hotel and it was going to be the LOWEST (pun intended) party of all time. I walk into the lounge after cleaning up from a solo performance and two improv and approach clinics. Two of the world’s most renown bassists are sitting at the bar and one of them looks at me and says”Kelly, cmon over” which I did. They both complimented me on the solo performance and then one of them said “hey, pull my finger”….hmmmm I retorted “you gotta be fucking kidding me”…he said “no cmon…pull the finger ….I sighed and pulled his damn finger…the other legendary bassist farted. We laughed so hard that it gave us the courage to drink tequila for the rest of the night. Man, that prank took some planning…squirming too.