Dona Nobis Pacem What is the plan for re…

Dona Nobis Pacem

What is the plan for redemption this time?
As the color of all blood converts in a horrific boil
Where do the ashen bulks of guilt go to be agnized?
As all that was believed turns into just time changing
What do you say when someone eats your beating heart?
As swirling justifications are hurled through this holocaust
What if your time was up before it began?
As if ignorance was an excuse
What if what occurred was really happening?
As if life could let you plot a course
What would we do if we stopped feeling our pain?
As if being born was a natural anesthetic
What if bombs were free?
As the picking of daisies grants a lifetime of simplism
What if the collective tears bore any weight at all?
As if when we feel, it means something
What if prevarications were just swallowed as they seem to be?
As if we hadn’t had ample medication
What if we unfeignedly had no time for this bed we make?
As if the fuel for solace will come from apathy
What if we take one more life without seeking inside it?
As if what was is now was once and forever shall be
What is the smell of the flesh burning
on your cheek when you cry?
As if the encroachment upon another was in syndication
What if all people would just be silent for an hour
at the same time?
As if there was something to listen to
What if we recognized our leaders as gulls and our sufferance of the same?
As if we don’t
What if a martyr was really a witness?
As if someone cared for a life leaving the earth
What if a Saint noticed the seasons?
As if a junkie gave you a buck
What is the name you give a group of ignorance?
As a lonely people who can’t manage
What is the punishment for ignorance besides the bliss of absurdity?
As the sensitive ones endure the weight in the midst of battle
What if we sadly learned that there is no salvation?

K. Roberti