Emily, Brad Edwards and I had been out for quite a while through the midwest and the south. We had come down to St. Louis and across the state to K.C. and Leavenworth Federal Pen…then south to Fayetteville, AR an onward to Tallequah, OK. Our next gig was in Oklahoma City 4 days down the road and Em decided she was going to fly back to NYC…take care of some business…and then fly to OK City to meet us. Brad and I took the long trek across Oklahoma and finally relaxed for a few days. I waited and waited to hear from Em about her arrival…she had the itinerary for the tour and I hadn’t heard from her. The day of the 1st gig we were really worried that we were up shit creek in the deep part. about 4 hours before we were to play Emily calls, finally and says I’ll be there in 2 hours…whew. Brad and I met her at the airport…we rushed into the city got her in her room for about 45min. I hit the bar to have a martini and then we made the gig. The music was wonderful that night. I have noticed there is a certain surrender when you have been out for a long tour that happens with the music…you give into it. There is a great laugh we got that night in the green room when Barney Kessell’s wife, Marilyn, came back to say hi and to give us Barney’s regards…that story will have to wait until another time.