Emily Remler and I were on the road crossing western and central Canada…we played Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton (that show was recorded by a Canadian National Radio concern…I want to find it!), Calgary and then Saskatoon to Regina…we crossed the border into Montana where Brad Edwards joined us for a show in Bozeman. Then we, as a trio, moved onward to Bismarck ND for a gig at the Seven Seas. We had a tight schedule and the next night we were supposed to play in Rapid City SD. Traveling by van (we named it “Bundy” named after long forgotten professional wrestler “King Kong Bundy”) we got up early to make the SD gig and proceeded south. We got low on gas and decided to gas up at tiny “one blink and it’s gone” stop in northern South Dakota…little did we know that we were filling our gas tank with dirt. In about 40 miles (the middle of nowhere) the van started choking and stalling…it was nearly 100 degrees outside and we had to stop every 10 – 30 minutes to let the van get back to a state of moving forward…we barely crawled into Rapid City…the van seemed to have fixed itself the next morning and we blindly took off…well within an hour the van was fucked again but worse. We limped into Billings MT and took it to an out of the way repair guy that was open…he took the gas tank off and wow!!!! there was 5 pounds of dirt in it…We made our gig that night, too…lucky trio. Another funny part of this story…one of the hundreds of times the van made us stop Emily and I had a slight argument about Harmonic minor improv approach…hah!