I think it was the late summer of ’91…we had been on the road with Eddie Harris for a number of gigs in the Northwest and were now back in Bozeman playing for 2 nights at a club/restaurant on Main Street called “Ira’s On Main”…did many great shows there until the proprietor flaked like a bad scalp. There was a huge film crew and a cadre of stars gracing the town…plus the folks who just needed the incredible Montana summer experience. Redford was filming “A River Runs Through It” and the
whole gang favored “Ira’s”…This night in the Club was Robert Redford, Brad Pitt, most of the cast of the movie and the production team…plus Edwin Moses was there (what a nice jazz loving guy) and Michael Keaton (probably a few I can’t remember, but these I do). Keaton had heard us play before but never introduced himself and he has a wild way of fitting into the fabric . This night he walked up and said “Hey bassman, great show.” I looked at him and asked if he was in the witness protection program. We are friends still.