Historic Sounds

Recordings from my personal archives.

David Morgenroth & Kelly Roberti: The Music of Bill Evans

    Recorded Live in Helena, MT ~ Myrna Loy Center for the Performing Arts: November 10th, 2008.

Arnett Cobb: Live in Bozeman :

    Arnett Cobb (Sax), Bob Nell (Piano), Kelly Roberti (Bass), Brad Edwards (Drums)
    Recorded in: Baxter Hotel Ballroom – Bozeman MT – 1982 .

Bobby Hutcherson: Live in Missoula :

    Bobby Hutcherson (Vibes), Bob Nell (Piano), Kelly Roberti (Bass), Brad Edwards (Drums)
    Recorded in: Missoula MT – 1985 .

David “Fathead” Newman Concert at The Tuba :

    David Newman (Sax and Flute), Bob Nell(Piano), Kelly Roberti (Bass), Brad Edwards (Drums)
    Recorded in: Kansas MO – April 2nd, 1991 at the Tuba.

Grusin ~ Roberti Duet:

    Dave Grusin (Piano), Kelly Roberti (Bass)
    Recorded in: Big Timber, MT –

Dave Grusin Concert :

    Dave Grusin (Piano), Alan Fauque (Sax), Kelly Roberti (Bass), Michael Blessing (Drums)
    Recorded in: Bozeman MT – July 14 2001 at Crawford Theater – Emerson Cultural Center.

The Paul McCandless Quintet:

    Paul McCandless (Sax, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe), Steve Cardenas (Guitar), Kelly Roberti (Bass), Bob Nell (Piano), Brad Edwards (Drums)
    Paul McCandless is one of those names that is not heard enough, but I bet you hear him every day on recordings you have…an incredible player and composer. On this tour in ’93 we burnt a path across the country. These are a couple of shows in Kansas City and in Vancouver, BC… it was a great continental journey. This band should have kept its momentum, it was smoking! Thanks for the music, Paul.

By Request

Duet of Blue Monk with the late Ray Brown from Missoula MT, ’87.


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