I don’t remember the year…’86 I thin…

I don’t remember the year…’86 I think…looking from the crook of the piano at Tommy Flanagan could be quite intimidating…but he was the kindest of intimidation. One really cold evening in (dig this) Great Falls, MT we were playing to a couple hundred folks in a converted country western club (the jazz society had secured a wonderful piano, I remember that). We had just completed a piece called “The Cup Bearers” when this really gorgeous and drunk girl walked up and sat next to Tommy on his piano bench. Tommy looked at me through the the piano and gave me a real “What the fuck” eye. She looked at Tommy and asked if he would play “When Sunny Gets Blue”….ouch…he winced and said “no”….what a night. He was a gentleman but not to the point of marring his show….many memories of Tommy and that tour.

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