I was a young boy, probably between the 3rd and 4th grade in school, getting up early to get on my Stingray bike and jaunt a few miles to the swimming pool in Glendive, MT. I was so excited because I was asked to tryout by coach Goddard for the grown up kids swimming team, I was good. I could swim like a dolphin and dive like a perfect suicide for a crowd. I knew that Goddard and Higgenbothem would love to have this little trout on their team and I was ready to race up and down the pool as many times as they needed me to. And, I was ready with my 1 1/2 flips …my back flips … my cutaways… my gainers…whatever they needed off the board. I spent my life in that pool and I was 9 years old. I got up early because I was excited and pedaled off across the tracks past the stock yards over main street around the high school to the pool and I was the first to arrive. I parked my bike ( no locks needed in ’62-’63) and sat down on a bench to eagerly await the upcoming challenge. It took just a few minutes of my imaginings to guide me over to the iron fence surrounding the pool…I looked through and saw the water in anticipation …. and then I saw something floating in the water…something weird. I ran a few yards up the fence to get a better view and saw a purple body floating there. Lifeless and scary to me. It seemed big and misshapen. I gasped and looked some more…then I ran to the telephone and called my dad…he asked if I needed a ride home and I said I could make it. I found out later that the body was that of a high school boy who had been partying the night before with friends and had climbed the fence to the water…drowned…his name was Leland Hoffer. That morning forever changed my life.