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Jazz & More w/ Kelly Roberti
Glenn Chamberlin
Glenn Chamberlin

Join Kelly for “Jazz & More” Monday, July 2nd at 7 pm in the Library’s Large Community room for an off-the-cuff interview with BoZone owner Glenn Chamberlin and some of his staff. Long before The Bozeman Brewing Company started making the paper’s namesake beer (since 1993, in fact), long before ‘the Bozone’ was synonymous with ‘BozAngeles,’ The BoZone Entertainment and Events Calendar was the ‘go to’ alternative paper to find out what’s happening here. A lot has changed during the past two decades — find out what the publication — a veritable Bozeman institution — is doing to stay on the cutting edge. This will be a blast — there’s a reason these guys are ‘alternative.’

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