Left the U.S. in the ’90’s to relocate to Paris…I had blown a few things with a gambling addiction (what was I thinking?) and it was time to get my feet back on the ground with the music. My dear friends, David Murray and his wonderful wife, Valerie, invited me into their home to have a place until I found one of my own. They set up a space for me and I felt so at home…I owe them a debt for that. It was a few days before my birthday and they set up a wonderful party for me in their home. Rasul Siddik, Katy Roberts, Sonny Murray, John Betsch and another handful of both ex-pats and French folks were there to welcome me. It was a great night of fun…imagine David playing “Happy Birthday” on his tenor to you and you will understand why this memory chokes me up. I Stayed with them for 6 weeks and they put up with me somehow…David and I used to cook stuff together and, man, did we love to cook with SPIKE…everything laced with it…I still use it. Thanks David and Valerie, see you soon, I hope.