Project Peace: An Invitation To Collaborate

Dear friends and fellow musicians,

My new CD is just around the corner and I’m offering one and all an open invitation to join me for an exclusive performance on the album with the song “The Final Drum”, a free flowing arrangement written in protest of the Wars we are ensnared in and the involvement of our children in these wars.


This composition is a raging storm of emotion and welcomes all improvisatory and heartfelt (musical or not…say it and say it loud!) reaction. I have recorded the basic track and the MP3 file is posted above, along with the lead sheet and those who wish to take part can import the file, record along with it (any taping quality is acceptable) and send it back, where it will be included in the final synthesis of the recording. Join me in this unprecedented musical protest to our incursions in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Feel free to contact me for more details.

One Reply to “Project Peace: An Invitation To Collaborate”

  1. What a unique protest march you offer. Musicians take up your instrument of peace and let your declaration be heard. Bravo Kelly, can’t wait to hear the final fusion of all those voices!

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