As We Prepare for The Merriment

A spring song lifting these few words through the air
A short and whispered lament
of sadly turning pages of time
Tearful welcome greeting the blind
with gifts of hope and miracle wishes,
gifts of hope and love
A child preparing for summer’s merriment,
with an invisible friend
who knows of wonders, levels of light,
secrets she must keep out of sight
To help the child grow gardens of flowers,
help the child to love
Opening eyes to face the day
Helping the doubts to fade to gray
As we prepare for the merriment assured by light
we’ll make it right
The rain dissolving the salt from last years tears
and in the same sighing breath
the warming south winds blow on the wounds
Healing winds just whispering tunes
of hope, and sounds of miracle wishes,
tunes of hope and love
K. Roberti