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Poetic Thought

Secure To The Frame

In black and white the show just plainly opens
with the shuffling of feet on the avenue
The sound…born in blood from the heart of this
Cry…within cries of the time
numbing veins, jungle rains, birthing pains, color
A blue bebop tune ’bout midnight.

From on a misty night to our delight he brings the
of flight to his ladybirds
Secure to the frame and secure to each other
Bold ancient songs from the war
Brother laugh, sister rage, read the notes on the
and sing of the peace at the core

And as the curtain falls, the story of a man
with soul caught inside of his harmonies
Secure to the frame and secure to each other
Emerge from the sorrow’s refrain
triplet time, Harlem rhyme, races fight through the
Secure, locked away from his pain

To the frame and each other
Held by a thin piece of thread
Thread of the call in a dream

K. Roberti

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