Soul Deep

To just hold another
is so natural
A knee jerk and shudder
The soul deep impression

To behold one another
is commendable
Hearts feeling hearts
a nuclear reaction
The soul deep immersion

To be held by another
is so healing
Light glowing light
Sharing a tearful opus
The soul deep sensation

To just trust one another
should be allowed
Caution being cautious
Giving a mile in the inch
The soul deep expectation

To entrust one another
is to vow all
Sparks causing sparks
Alighting a common dignity
The soul deep conception

To be trusted by another
implies a loving duty
Income creates outcome
A determined heavenly grant
The soul deep consummation

To just view another
is not enough
Past should become past
and depart like other visibles
The soul deep mirage

To review one another
is a welcome forgiveness
Ends are beginnings
A hopeful and thankful thought
A soul deep realization

To be viewed by another
you must let go
Trust higher truths
Hold the unholdable
The soul deep attainment

To just hold another
is really enough
Touch without touching
Unquestionably influence
The soul deep implication

K. Roberti