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Poetic Thought

Such Common Folk

One friend said today
“Lets go walking on the beach.”
Another felt enought to say
“…a couple of 40 ouncers at the waterfront?”
Yet another drooled in careful candor
“Your words, they’re almost bleeding.
I am existing through these times
The warmth is what I’m needing

One friend gulped and let it go
“You don’t put pressure on me.”
Another heard and related so
“uh huh, uh huh, uh huh.”
And one who really matters said
“I haven’t worked enough with words.”
I’ve looked into that one neglect
This can’t be why it won’t connect

An old friend must’ve watched today
I don’t know or should I know?
We all miss friends, those sounds we couldn’t hear
shouldn’t hear, why can’t I hear?
Lost a friend to an echo along the way
In a riddle, a pun, a joke
Oh, a long, long trip to sanctuary
for I’m such common folk

K. Roberti

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