The Other’s Song

Take a dream inside
and never betray it
Take your love inside
Right now, don’t hesitate
Take a goal inside
Hand it to your angel
Take your hope inside
Zigzag going straight
Take your pain inside
and nurse it to power
Take the wrath inside
allow to create
Take your fool inside
Show him your limit
Take your mind inside
and begin the debate
After all the rain falls strong
now watch the purpose grow
You will sing the other’s song
Those lyrics you should know
Reach out without reaching out
in this recluse be sure
Whisper out the other’s song
That spirit will endure
Take the lost inside
to show him you’ve found him
Take the hurt inside
Tell them you are okay
Take the child inside
to feed and to clothe him
Take the boy inside
to show him the way
Take the past inside
Teach it a lesson
Take the sight inside
and clean out it’s eyes
Take the world inside
change it to heaven
Take yourself inside
from your ashes arise
Take the dream inside
and give it a family
Take your wounds inside
clear your soul, exorcise
Take the sign inside
your birth given pathway
Take your stars inside
that home never dies

K. Roberti