A Star Of Great Measure

Thoughtfully gathering the tender and precious joys
along the way as possessions of ascension
Adding them to the bag of miracles
in preparation for the moment of revolutionary belief
The moment of choosing the star of great measure
and hanging the collected treasures from its highest point
Then backing away in respectful admiration of the
humble and lucid angel of deliverance
Finally letting go of the calling out in cluttering
assumption or regretful confliction
Answering to the ongoing responsibilities
sealed and enveloped in the divinely given holy oracle
The oracle for choosing our star of great measure
Follow the star and hang your fated mutation from the pinnacle
Spin the wheel and watch as it peels away your skin
Already instilling the power of awesome essence
A precise withdrawal to cling to greater man
Hidden in your ways as possession of a greater treasure
Withdrawing from a pile of composting memories
in obedient solitude for the cause of greater yearning
Yearning for the patience in the star of great measure
Wait for the star and by waiting be rewarded
Enriched by the fulfillment of utter causality
and the factual conclusion in the depth of new arrivals
Lay your burdens out on silken glare
as proof of the possession of emergence
Accept the trials that you can deal with truly
and tie them down to a solid fastened nowness
Fastened to the faithful star of great measure
Reflecting light that only you can generate this time
Step aside and allow path of larger, for its not as it
appears, let the star consume your fears

K. Roberti