Angel Up Mantra

Ascendance-arising-slowly taking root-advancement-rising-the ascent-promotion-whirlwind-promoting the self-ascending-striving-climbing-pushing upward-growing upward-don’t worry-make the effort-climb the mountain step by step-root yourself and push-fulfill the potential-origin of growth-have no cares,fears or anxiety-continue on-concerted step by step effort-adapt-initiate and take initiative-seek advice within and without-don’t dawdle-personal effort achieves objectives-deserve recognition,honor and esteem-clear,calm,orderly then humility-fundamental prevalence-move on toward the yang,there lies brightness-obedience with compliance-guided by virtue-become lofty and great-gather and build upward-within the earth grows the tree-up, don’t go or come back,go up-realize the innate tendency of inner and outer masses and accomodate without exception-climb in patient stages constantly-embody softness-don’t practice willfulness-be not arbitrary-springtime-expand-obscurity to influence-harmonious willpower-careful benevolence-unselfish application-piece by piece-flexible-sensitive and determined-a place on the mountain-attaining special influence-ask the universe objectively for all of us-consistent-take care-no short cuts-effort untiring and correct-obtain the help of the cosmos-follow sincerely-direct and immediate-we grow,others also grow-resolute against fears-determined-retain innocence-dismantle barriers and defenses-dismantle-humility and conscientiousness-helpful powers-effort to correct ourself-attain the help of higher power-establish spiritual existence-separate steps-firm choice to follow good-only path-rise to higher level-undoubtedly on your way-put purpose in order-inner adaptability-it doesn’t simply come-collect the small to realize the great-subtle inner penetration slowly ascends-the way is open-great sacrifices were accepted-dedicated to common good-no barriers to progress-inch by inch-eastern sky like the sun-open the border-accept the slow,it endures-offerings are presented for you-steadfast and upright-run the ceremony-utmost faithfulness-win the trust of the universal spirits-new sprout-wood energy up-abundant with life-natural interaction-accumulate many small progressions-remember birth-calmness and balance-grow naturally-let go of gone-let go of coming-gentle-small virtues-first stage generating power-receptive sight-reduce to order-seeding-beget-no cares-supple season-significant yielding affairs-emulate up the stairs-through obstacles to goal-vertical-modesty set to work-devoted character never pauses-receive your place-endure beyond time and doubt-overleap nothing-terms of success only-help others-understand giving then receive-don’t stop-supreme success-banish anxiety-conjoin the gentle and willing-win response-fulfill what is willed-accord with virtuous ways-pile a great heap of merit-comply with duty and tradition-righteous persistence-little by little-dust,leaves,debris in the funnel-crocuses up-growth experience-bottom and start-groundwork first-small tasks-move with prevailing winds-struggle first,catch up in the end-hit the ground running-dramatic change-adjust-pace yourself-marathon-work around shortcomings-weaknesses are strengths when understood-extra time at first-minor developments-warmth of friendly ground-fit the effortless and patternless nature-an elite and honored person-reaching crowning pinnacles-balance-don’t fear-persuade your leader-confidence and fortitude-distinguished character-truly committed to the higher-blessed lifestyle-family culture-hear the inherited wisdoms-know how-great sacrifice-go well-long and arduous-night and day-faithful to goals-faithful to love-crown ourselves with glory-pleasing to heaven-persist-rising is blessed-into the sun-march-privilege from the king-keep on-honesty and integrity-advance is blessed-stand up to go-origin-angel up

K. Roberti