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Poetic Thought


I would take bullets
Square off with demons
Suck the king’s poison
From the fangs of the snake

I would blow bubbles
Around lover’s roses
Squeeze sapphire moondrops
From these tears for your sake

I’d crawl through the hellfire
To drink boiling flesh oils
Be stretched on the rack
To repent all mistakes

I would renew you
Sing it right through you
With time honored patience
A vow not to break

I would take bullets
Swallow the stoned blade
Melt down the deep freeze
In the winters of life

I would use honey
To seal my responses
Carve you a pillow
From the clouds every night

I will take bullets
Melt them for armor
Wrap up my memories
In scarlet for you

Yes, I will take bullets
Bare chested for you

K. Roberti

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