Chew The Rope

Remember that tired, beaten and weathered rope bridge?
It’s right up ahead through the thick and burning brush
The dream said it spans the bottomless canyon
You know, the one you just crawled out of
The pursuers saw you emerge and now chase you in fear
of what you will most certainly reveal
They’re in and out of you
and they know you have to find the bridge
before them
So do you
But this time you have no weapons
You exhausted them in your war
Pray with every panting breath that the bridge is still there
and willing to bear the weight for one last crossing
The dream said you’ll cross in timely fashion
But you awoke before you finished gnawing on the rope
Sleep again, recharge and find the strengthened evidence
that you have really bitten through
They’re in and out of you
Go back in to stand like bait, bite the rope to trap them
Snap the rope to let them fall down, spin around, out
of sight and sound
Let them fall
Cut through and expose the inherent justice
You have exhausted them in your war

K. Roberti