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Poetic Thought

Crank It Up

Crank it way up
Crescendo way beyond distortion
For now it can’t be loud enough
Turn it way up

Force the volume to shred the voiceless word
The sounds of noise accosts the hidden senses
So damn loud that consonance emerges
and subdues the sly defenses
Crank it way up

It won’t recede until it’s voiced at the
pinnacle of lung power
Then it burns the throat into submission
It blares until they can’t hear their own contention
Make the sound grind into the awful moment
with a mass so thick it drops the fateful flight
of this aural slick confusion
Crank it way up

direct the multitude in simultaneous howl
One voice alone cannot shatter this aged crystal
An imperfect cut begs rectification
and the amplified sound is the guided hammer
Stack the overtones in this row and wait for silence
Quiet nightmare and oblivion roar
Harmony sequenced to an X-rated core
Crank it way up

K. Roberti

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