Her Eyes

The pulpy and aphrodisiacal heart of tongue
Licking out of a sugar bowl
With both eyes so full of fruit
While the nose inhales the seven bodies
of salty mysterious sea-green liquids
and my ears beg of you
that nearly silent howl
that flexing whimper
that moan of loving tremor
and the gut out raven feed
I pray our cells will mold to gel the ticks and tocks
I’ve dreamt it and I will it
I search for dirt to eat off of you
I dig for salt in every pore of each of us
These quests so nourish my longing to crawl
inside your fruitful gaze
and cradle this unquenchable and relentless
honesty I have found in your eye-set
I only ask that you scrape me
Find me under your nails
Bite and chew me
All that eating entails
Allow for a moment this earthy
and molten hot view
and I shall forever bathe you in my secrets
Forever soak you in these more than words of love
Forever wash you in the sweat of night befores
and forever burn myself in the sunspots
we’ve created

K. Roberti