Ones Love

One has to live with love

And not be persuaded to fall back to earth

Those old tumbling ties can fade out of sight

Entrapped in a spiraling gravity of absence

One has to rise above

To feel the blessing of one moments worth

One needs to live with love

One has to give to love

And not hide away the most precious of stones

The shine that is absorbed and burns through each night

Of skincall in sleep for morning’s release

One has to push and shove

Clearing a path to the source of this funnel

One needs to give to love

One needs the courage to love
With ethical valor and a dignified wisdom

Tapping on doors of all so involved

Gentle in truth through this challenging conundrum

One has to mimic the dove

Beat to beat in the hearts sound the drum

Then one gets the courage to love

One needn’t surrender to love

For love isn’t able nor willing to take

One pinch or iota from the offerings of man

Allowed to soar skyward by taming conjuration

One has to give up the fight 

For it is a will that cannot be broken

One cannot surrender to love

One has to love to be loved

Withdrawing a value of self from the chaos

The sun on your back is there to shine through you

And pour through the center a cleansing heartray

One has to need to love

In innocence and unaltered stemma

One needs to love to be loved

K. Roberti