Shadowcall (Em, you left your shadow)

A shadow lays on a distant passage edge

We used to speak of shadows and mingle amongst them

Ancestors dancing in black 
Begging in tears for deliverance

to understand the mere profound nature of only blocking sunlight

Absorbing the exiting soul
so not to lose a friend

Arrange her heartbox for dignity

with nourishment and sacrifice on the level 

of the ancient call within

Splitting the earth and bosom

to part reverently with the physical

To be nourished by what in death the moment

instantly revealed but hadn’t until now

That’s why we named our shadows

and watching through a window

as you wailed and spun a medicine dance…then departed

I fell entrenched in the sound of you

as you left me playing in the shadow

and I know you will come back for it

K. Roberti