Giddy Up

Giddy up (giddy up)
You strong and swift mare
Shake it up (shake it up)
Spread it everywhere
Stir it up (stir it up)
My heart’s equine angel
Giddy up
Run angles in the wind
and cause a static wave
Don’t forget the sorrow
the lot on knees you gave
Cross another border
ignore suspicious trend
Roam past the horizon
the trip that you can’t end
Giddy up (giddy up)
You proud and gentle beast
Move on up (move on up)
Wrinkles are uncreased
Lift it up (lift it up)
Let it ride above you
Giddy up
Look into the future
by seeing now right here
Let go of love’s misuses
and past so filled with fear
Yell it from the hillside
on you they can depend
Go into the sundown
chase it to the end
Giddy up (giddy up)
Ride on into battle
Get on up (get on up)
Bareback no saddle
Give it up (give it up)
Some soulwork surrender
Giddy up
Shake it up Stir it up Move it up Lift it up
Get on up Give it up Pull it up Make it up
Get it up Break it up Take it up Push it up
Bring it up Hold it up Grow it up Throw it up
Show it up Pay it up Lay it up Help it up
Feel it up Kick it up Call it up Write it up
Rock it up Soul it up Stock it up Roll it up
Rap it up Soak it up Jazz it up Lean it up
Prop it up Let it up Cough it up Rip it up
Size it up Tear it up Wipe it up Drive it up
Stick it up Stop it up Fuck it up Lick it up
Keep it up
Giddy up
Giddy up (giddy up)
You gentle old mare
Run it up (Run it up)
You take time to care
Fill it up (fill it up)
In every direction
Giddy up
Giddy up

K. Roberti