The Centered Attribution

Separate and blind the eyes
Turn deep green around the gills
Allow the force to polarize
Forget the air as water spills
Don’t get caught in past disguises
First time will give you chills
Erase what you have memorized
Stomp your foot and crush their wills

No time now for common plan
Make your move, don’t hesitate
Discard the child, become the man
if you wait you’ll be too late
Throw bags of waste into the fan
Adjust your goals, accommodate
Draw primal blood to feed your clan
Don’t accept an adverse fate

Be convinced to let it be
Let it live to let it die
Raise it up for all to see
Look the tiger in the eye
Stare it down, watch it flee
Given wings, we’re meant to fly
Soar on up and set it free
You’ll regain it, just don’t try

Why cut off? Let it grow long
Imagine you’ve been granted choice
Choose a path back home from wrong
Caress your heart and trust the voice
Learn some words, ancestral song
Sing out loud, retain your poise
Build your temple and slam your gong
Rattle bones, make a holy noise

Chart the seasons on a map
Block off time to see duration
Use the days to fill the gap
In the dark, self abnegation
Study your beast then set the trap
Constant prayer and consultation
Rush your judgment, take the rap
Reject the final invitation

K. Roberti