The Devils Finally Leave

When the wildcat goes on the prowl within you
When the stray and feral dare to cross the line
When hunting ground is lost in a reduction of conception
When you wrongly feed to fatten parasite
When fallen prey sends charges up your spine
When trapped inside the 15th Trump’s reversals
When breaking reckless boundaries then to falsely justify
When snared in the addiction as the wolves scream at the moon
when ignorant and fleeing from the might of the blank rune
When the hammer crushes bone and the dead lie blue and bleeding
When at high speed you drive your fate into the wall
When throwing coins, preponderant of the small
When self confronts the self and the God’s you can’t deceive
When, and only then, the devils finally leave
When absence is attendance, the devils finally leave
When all transforms to none at all, the devils finally leave

K. Roberti