The Final Drum

A tearful step into the maw, the sum of pride’s deception

The Judas step, a cowardly betrayal by violent means unleashed

Misguided step abusing all that’s sacred

A step of confusion’s unbalanced and warlike perception

A fearful pulse, erratic tempo, cadence of the night

A shocking pulse of firm delusion, low blow kept from sight

A pulse to perish or to wander

an ageless pulse, a sacrificial rite

A static path against the grain, a karmic undertow

The memories shine of too much credit granted in the flow

A lonely trek to greet the slow advancing fall

A heartfelt walk in search of some real trust to help us all

A ballad’s beat, a love song so detached and out of touch

An urgent beat retracing the angles over and over and over again

The beat of the exclusion feeds the depth of the despair

An endless beat of reaching out and wanting to be there

The Final Drum, the lightning bolt, hearts explode inside this thunder

The Final Drum, the ever pounding rhythm of the rain

The Final Drum, it shakes the earth from deep within and under

The Final Drum, a cannon shot, a mournful serenade

The Final Drum, cold procession, a deception overload

The Final Drum, the roar of water on the stone

The Final Drum, lightning bolt, we explode inside this thunder

The Final Drum, bang your drum and march on down your road

The Final Drum

K. Roberti