The Flame Dance and Reason With The Pain

Find a method in the calling to non-action and repose
There’s a way to dance the tango past the flame
Stake a claim on all the help that we receive when souls are hurting
and be humbled by retreating from the game
Trust yourself and reason with the pain

Know there’s only one of you and know you’re not alone
Learn steps to jitterbug right through the flame
Get across to those who you involved in your reception
to warn them that you’ll never be the same
Be yourself and reason with the pain

Don’t devise a plan to move you closer to the middle
Its only right to bossa in the flame
Measure off in circumspect and walk between the lines
The impulse from the center will remain
Hold yourself and reason with the pain

Flirting with the fire surely generates the memory
A samba does a quickstep ’round the flame
Wrap it up in fear and see that danger blocks the sorrow
Don’t push it or you’ll sing the last refrain
Show yourself and reason with the pain

Don’t hear the words to distant you from goals, you will achieve them
Why doubt the limbo when you reach the flame
Don’t look back, down here, or there or any way but forward
Your patience will be moving with the grain
Still yourself and reason with the pain

Go inside the proverb and proceed in rearing children
Pirouette and spin above the flame
Keep in mind the spirits as we all regain acceptance
Wear your heart as shield from the blame
Rid your self of reason with the pain

K. Roberti