You Alone

To you alone I’ll scream in whispers about the love
as your imagination chews and caresses every inch of my being
For you alone I’ll beg the mighty vespers inside the scent
as the oils from our grip drip on the fecund willing cloud below
With you alone I’ll transform these eyes as windows into my heart
as I taste the panting passion howl you so simply offer
Inside you alone I’ll accept your edge and the moon you’ve never denied
as I beg for more appendages to hold, grope and fill you
For you alone can guard me with your winking grace
as the primal bath in such a shared lust awakens what should be
Because of you alone I will be the lone eagle riding the back of the wolf
as I keep your thoughts on fire and your lips moist in willingness
From you alone will I accept the energy that completes this beast
as syrup from the most carnal of fruit is savored from the small of your back
Ah, you alone

K. Roberti