The Song is the Same

Who was it that said”There’s a place, that I can go”? Who sang about the power of love its alright have a good time its alright never to grow old hello its me wang dang doodle all night long call home if you change your mind what friends are for all we know this gonna be the last time is on my side of the mountain high enough to make a difference who was that I’m thinking of you are still the one is the saddest experience have you ever been lonely to electric ladyland of a thousand dances the night away in your beautiful balloon’s busting out all over you send me no flowers for Algernon a white mouse mind you are so beautiful days of wine and roses in a red rubber ballgame take me out of my head east of the sunshine on my shoulder like a continental soldier of a fortunate son of a preacher man and a woman hear me roar through this is it love me tomorrow may never come and get your love does it good day sunshine of my life is a bowl of cherry apple red riding hood ornament on a hanging tree of life that’s what people say it isn’t so alright now is the time of my life story of a lovely lady of the night has a thousand eyes of Laura Mars third stone from the sun moon river of tears on my pillow lay your warm valley there’s a church there goes my baby its cold outside looking in a minute by minutes ticking away in a manger no matter what is this thing called me up on the rooftop of the world needs now that I’ve found you can’t judge a book by looking back to see if you were looking out my back door man of la mancha in Spanish Harlem nights spent alone together again and forever I will follow your heart and soul brother can you spare me a dime love’s a foolish game of love me love my car to drive me home is where you are lonely tonight’s the night the music and dance like a sexual heel to toe the lineup and downtown don’t take your love to you better think twice around the block more or less than I remember the kind of September in the rain comes you run and hide and seek and you shall find me a new way of walking my baby back home sweet Carolina on my mind you were on top on the world is spinning wheels of fire down below the neon lighter than air as fresh air McCleod get off of my shooting Stardust my broom to sweep you off your high horse with no name games are won and lost my ponytail of brave young Lassie come home where my love lies waiting on you can make it if you try a little tender lips parted never too late in the heat of the the silvery feathers I only want to be here with you.

K. Roberti