Uh Oh, Here We Go

Pyramids and Eskimos
Talking trees and chubby toes
Dino chairs and baby clothes
Scratchy beard, I’ll eat your nose

Popping corn and pudding snacks
Ovaltine and packpacks
First year tummy aches
asking for your panppakes

‘Mazing Grace and Wheels On Bus
Barney time, both of us
Learn to shave, Lion King
Malto Meal, doorbell ring

Nap time, your first shower
House Mouse is a little flower
Take a step, count to ten
Draw a picture with a pen

At the park, under the tree
Then two drivers, you and me
In your stroller, to the store
Grab one thing, then two more

Fly like the wind, in the swing
Christmas time, we would sing
At the table, always share
Eat your scups, braid your hair

Take a bath, one big splash
Grab your broom then kitty smash
Back flip, front flip, spin around
Hide under Beebee, don’t make a sound

Open the window, yell real loud
Vacuum the kitchen, make me proud
Bang on the fish tank, bounce on the couch
Push with your feet, make me yell OUCH

These things I’m keeping inside for us son
and so many more, wow, we’ve had some fun
we’ve learned alot, giggled and cried
I love you best bud, that I can’t hide.

K. Roberti