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Poetic Thought

As If We’d Never Met

There is space enough on the burning hilltops and space
enough in the trodden valleys
Room deep enough now in life to go straight as strangers
as if we’d never met

There is glory in the blatant distance and a courteous
acceptance coming home soon
Soon enough to not look back, for as chosen strangers it’s
as if we’d never met

The paths will have only shy hellos or, perhaps, not even
that if it’s so preferred
“coincidental” meetings will still occur but as strangers it’s
as if we’d never met

The hollow will be a room full of elbows and the glances
will surely betray at times
The mirages will continue but be denied amiably as
strangers who have never met

There is learning space on the hilltops and a selected
solemn solace in the valleys
Solemn enough now in life or death to go on as strangers,
as if we’d never met

This wagon will allow for heavy loads and only be able to
imagine the other’s burden
and the isolation will diminish into the unfortunate
strangers, as if they’d never met

The well earned glue will surely loosen and the goals will
fall from the loving wall
and the striving pace will surely lessen with a lifelong
regret for the strangers…

As if we’d never met.

K. Roberti

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