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Poetic Thought

Paris Farewell

Farewell Paris
Paris Merci au revoir
City of history’s religio
battleground’s blood
and personal spirit struggle
won true

Farewell Paris
Forgive me
Paris Merci au revoir
with literal gratitude
for past lives lost
thus being offered that
which has been proffered to few

Farewell Paris
Forget me not
Paris merci au revoir
A cynical relief involving a
final release of disbelief and
gladly accepting facts too heavy
for my mortal toll

Farewell Paris
Urine drenched angel
Paris merci au revoir
Thunder and shock filled souls
with time allowed to rectify, simplify
opposites even in painful realization
of what might not be regained

Farewell Paris
City of gifts
Paris merci au revoir
Givien more in defeat than
ever could be won in that war
The bloody alchemy of melting down
the weapons of the dead

Farewell Paris
I abhor
Paris fuck off and die
But alas I shall see you
the more at home when I lay
the night bones to rest
Your dirty mirror infest

Farewell Paris
Thank you Paris
Paris merci au revoir
With too many sad souls
not to be an object of mournful
attention from each’s
longed for creator

Farewell Paris
City of the departed
Paris merci au revoir
Too many in search to not be cared for
All cast together to prove something
as family intwined in a divinely induced
massive quest for the initial memory

Farewell Paris
I leave thee now
Home to see my life
Paris merci au revoir

K. Roberti

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