Ah, having these upcoming gigs w/Sheryl Bailey has truly brought about some memories while listening to her tribute to my old friend Emily Remler…Sheryl dresses Em up good! A really vivid recollection: Em and I had just completed a 16 date duet tour in, I think, ’87 …we had a great human and musical experience…Em’s sense of humor was over the top! She flew back to record a new CD (now legendary) w/ a rhythm section not of her choosing and she was a bit pissed and apprehensive about it. I was with my group in a home studio immediately after the tour recording with MJ Williams and I got numerous calls from Em during her session…she was livid. Completely pissed to the point of saying “Why do these legends completely write off women and not give the music the energy it needs? When I talk about the dynamics of the music, no one listens and the bass player needs to tune up.” I could only respond by telling her that in retrospect it would be appreciated regardless of the tenured folks who were under appreciating her music…and that has proven true. I wish she was around to see it.