Slumber Ballads Shipping Now


I’m am so very honored to finally announce that my long awaited album, Slumber is ready to ship. Use the links below to place your order. Coming soon to our online Store, digital downloads of both album and individual songs in full Wav quality. Stay tuned, we will announce when those options are available but Slumber CD is ready and shipping now.


United States Shipping – Cost: $17
International Shipping  – Cost: $19

One Reply to “Slumber Ballads Shipping Now”

  1. I love how absolutely intimate this CD feels. The mixing and engineering work alone allowed me to feel like Kelly Roberti (bass), Eric Flunk (piano), Alan Fauque (sax) and Jeni Fleming (vocals) came over and set up right in the middle of my living room. This is a particular treasure to find as most CD’s today are so “overproduced” whereas this CD is close to perfection. If you are looking to experience that in the moment feel you have at a small club, this accomplishes that sensation. They have laid down such a refreshingly sincere recording with a true feeling of ‘presence’. The synergy between each of these talented musicians on this project is simply entrancing. The palpability of their passion is felt through their tasteful seasoned chops throughout. The selection of songs the track list order flow perfectly. I haven’t heard such rich, earthy, “conversational” baselines since listening to Mingus. What a treat, what a talent!

    I absolutely LOVE this CD as it has feelings of a new classic and it immediately becomes an old familiar friend. I enjoyed the wonderful journey the listening took me on and am warmed with the fact that all I need to do to relive it is to listen again, and again, and again…

    I would highly recommend anyone to pick this CD this up without any hesitation, you won’t regret it.

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