I remember a lesson w/ Ray Brown in a hotel room in Missoula MT in ’85 or ’86…Ray was talking about different approaches to solo phrasing. He said that I need to slow it down and stay in a chosen melodic personality …peculiar to every song. Then he asked me to sing the melodic rhythm to “I Could Write a Book”…no notes, just rhythm. Then he told me, as he picked up his bass, to scat that melodic rhythm with entirely different notes over the top of a simple C blues harmonic sequence. After a few tries, I succeeded. Then he motioned for me to pick up my bass and do the same…it works. He explained that the phrasing involved in great melody will mellow the soloist. And, he told me the basis of all standard/classic tunes is found in the space and the phrasing…then note choices from one’s heart. He was right…the phrasing gives the soloist room to add or subtract w/ many different elements.